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The photos shown below illustrate the diversification that C&J Engineering has to offer in our spin rinse dryer rotors. From top to bottom these photos represent our capabilities, from custom rotors to standard rotors...we build them all! The material is T316L S.S. welded and electropolished. The bumper poles are covered with PFA or PTFE teflon tubing. The Dynamic balance specifications are <.25 ounce inches on all standard rotors.

We're sure you will notice the difference between our rotors and the competition. And, not only do we design and manufacture the highest quality replacement rotors for spin rinse dryers utilized in many different industries, we are a well known job shop that can build parts to your own specifications!

1MICROSCOPESLIDE.jpg (164843 bytes)

9 Station Microscope Slide Roter for 2300 S.T.I. S.R.D.

300rotors-5.jpg (146579 bytes)

300mm Wafer Rotors

(Entegris cassette) for S.T.I. 2300 S.R.D.

300rotors-6.jpg (163622 bytes)

300mm Wafer Rotors

(Entegris cassette) for S.T.I. 2300 S.R.D.

4 IN -6IN.jpg (146824 bytes)

Standard 4" & 6" S.T.I. 4 bolt rotors

65MM OLIVER.jpg (107458 bytes)

65mm Disk Quick Disconnect rotor for OLIVER S.R.D.

A72-20M 4 BOLT.jpg (129237 bytes)

2" Wafer rotor for S.T.I. S.R.D.

AA182-60M.jpg (112118 bytes)

6" Wafer rotor for S.T.I.
4 bolt

AAA192-80M.jpg (162377 bytes)

8" high profile wafer rotor for S.T.I. 2300 S.R.D.

BOWLS 1.jpg (168186 bytes)

Replacement Bowls for 270, 280 & 2300 S.T.I. S.R.D.s


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